Upcoming Workshop in Mumbai - September 22nd, 2019 (Sunday)

About Suma


Suma Varughese has had a long and illustrious career as a writer/editor/journalist for 40 years. In May 2017, she retired as editor-in-chief of Life Positive, India’s premier body-mind-spirit magazine, a position she held for 12 years. Altogether, she has spent 21 years with Life Positive. Prior to that, she was editor of Society magazine for five years and has also been a senior editor with Gentleman magazine. 

The hallmarks of her writing are clarity, simplicity, brevity and passion; as an editor, she has trained numerous writers who have gone on to achieve stellar careers. The workshop is a distillation of her experiential learning over these years. 

She is author of Travelling Light, and Travelling Lighter, both of which are compilations of her columns in Life Positive. Ms. Varughese is a popular guest speaker at many conferences and seminars and has been intimately connected with the rise of the spiritual movement in India. In 2015, she chaired a session on spirituality for the well-known Hindustan Times International Summit, along with the famed author Marianne Williamson and Rabbi Rami Shapiro. In September 2016, she spoke at an International Summit on Mindful Leadership. 

She lives in Mumbai.

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