Upcoming Workshop in Mumbai - September 22nd, 2019 (Sunday)

Participants' Feedback

Dr Priyanka Bhadri

Up until this workshop, all through school, college, med school, even my MBA, I have never had such a fantastic teacher who went so far beyond the words in the book. In such a short time you have managed to change me as a person.

Rhea D’Souza

It was wonderful to attend this workshop. This has been a long overdue gift to my soul. I have been struck by your openness and vulnerability.

Snehal Rupani

I loved your way of teaching. While speaking to you, my fear released and I was able to speak up in class. Thank you for helping me face my fears and even overcome it.

Shruthi V Kumar

I have broken through my fear of not being a good writer and also that I will not be able to write unless I structure my thoughts. I can go on writing endlessly today.I am so glad and delighted.

Aditi Kappareth

You are an amazing teacher and speaker. I'm spellbound at the way you are able to get your thoughts and ideas across in such simple language.


I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. The contents, examples, exercises were wonderful. However, what I loved the most about the workshop was how humbly and simply you put yourself across. Your energy and grace was what I soaked in.